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Yukari Sakura

ArtReach Artist since 2011

    Yukari Sakura grew up and resides in South San Francisco. She has been making art since she was "about 3 years old,” which is evident in her refined sense of composition and  polished brushwork. Yukari's artwork often features mythological creatures, anime characters, and endangered species. Yukari is an avid reader and finds a lot of creative material in the fantasy stories. She explores allegory through her work, putting her own optimistic spin on gruesome or scary subjects, often to
a delightfully comical effect. For example, rather than watching Game of Thrones, which was too violent for her liking, Yukari studied the popular show's emblems on Wikipedia then reimagined them as sweet, junk food loving creatures. Yukari has exhibited at SOMArts, San Mateo County Fair, Incline Gallery, Sanchez Art Center, and also practices out of Creativity Explored.

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