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Karim Tulloch

ArtReach Artist since 2014

Karim Tulloch was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He is primarily a mixed media artist, working with just about “any material [he] can find”. Karim's enthusiasm for engineering inspires all of his artwork. He constructs careful recreations of planes, trains, busses, and space ships as well as his own original vehicular designs. Karim makes use of recycled materials such as cardboard, bottle caps and plastics of all kind. His resourcefulness is in keeping with his passion for ecologically friendly design. His dream is to one day be the boss of his own company, Tulloch Engineering Corporation, which he has already begun visualizing with models and illustrations. Karim has shown work at Unleashed Gallery in Redwood City, Incline Gallery in the San Francisco, and has work in Zendesk’s permanent collection. 

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